No, crash tested seating is only a legal requirement in a pre-registered vehicle e.g. a new unregistered vehicle that does not yet have a registration plate.

In a post registered vehicle, adding rear seating is classed as a modification and is therefore a DVLA issue and does not require any further testing by VOSA.

DVLA require the seating to be MOT compliant.

It means that the seat belts have been certified and that the seating is fixed to the body of the vehicle, thus being able to be tested the same as regular vehicle seating and pass through the next MOT.

Yes it is legal as long as it is fixed solidly to the body of the vehicle by the manufacturer or by using a substantial fixing kit which includes spreader plates, supplied by the manufacturer.

No, a certificate is only supplied with a M1 crash/pull tested bed. You will receive a receipt stating the bed is MOT compliant. When the vehicle has gone through the next MOT, this is effectively your certificate.

The obvious difference is that one has been tested under extreme conditions and the other hasn’t. As previously mentioned, one carries a certificate and the other does not.

Both are legal to carry passengers, so it is therefore a personal choice as to which you decide to buy.

The main differences between our M1 tested beds and our MOT compliant beds are:

  • Different thickness of steel; 2 to 2.5mm on MOT compliant and 3mm on M1 tested
  • Different style frame; square on MOT compliant and curved on M1 tested
  • Different locking mechanism; spring bolts on MOT compliant and 5 point reclining ratchet system on the M1 tested. However, the very heavy duty side and top hinge systems used is identical on both beds.
  • Fitted to vehicle differently; spreader plates on MOT compliant and H frame on the M1 tested

Our MOT compliant beds are easy to fit by just following the instructions and diagram provided. You will need to have basic DIY skills and be able to use a drill & spanners. It is a 2 person job.

We do not recommend fitting M1 beds yourself unless you have previously fitted one.

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