Scatter Cushions

  • Pair of 16″ Matching Streamline Scatter Cushions – PTBD

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    This is a pair of Scatter Cushions to match our PTBD (Panelled Twin Bentley Diamond) range of Rock n Roll Beds.

    This design is offered in the following colours:


    Stock No. 500-SC; Black and Red                      Stock No. 501-SC; Black and White

    Stock No. 502-SC; Black and Blue                     Stock No. 503-SC; Black and Citrus

    Stock No. 504-SC; Black and Orange                Stock No. 505-SC; Black and Ivory

    Stock No. 506-SC; Black and Grey                     Stock No. 507-SC; All Black

    Stock No. 508-SC; All Charcoal                          Stock No. 509-SC; Charcoal and Grey