3/4 Width MOT Gas Assisted without Headrests & Front Seats – Vinyl Leather-like THF

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3/4 Width MOT Gas Assisted without Headrests & Front Seats – Vinyl Leather-like THF


  • Full width MOT compliant bed with adjustable and removable headrests.
  • Matching front seat upholstery.
  • Other trim and seat options available plus Fabric Protector (POA)


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Product Description:

  • Includes seat belts and legal to carry 2 passengers.
  • Upholstered with 4″ (10cm) foam.
  • Auto-vinyl leather-like trim with Twin Horizontal stitch design and piping.
  • Front kick-board covered in automotive vinyl leather-like.
  • Scatter and Bolster cushions are not included but can be purchased separately.


  • Total width: 107cm (42″)
  • Total frame height: 102cm (40″)
  • Front to rear in seat position: 114cm (45″)
  • Front to rear in bed position: 185cm (6ft 1″)
  • Wheel arch clearance height: 38cm (15″)
  • Seat height from floor to top of cushion: 51cm (20″)



  • Painted box steel frame.
  • Heavy duty spring bolt locking mechanism
  • Heavy duty top and side hinges.
  • Bar inside bar Sliding Mechanism.
  • Heavy duty Gas Ram with locking latch. Designed to ease the transition from bed to seat.
  • E4 certified 3-point inertia seat belts.
  • Pre-drilled mountings for fitting.
  • Fixing Kit included if fitting yourself.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on frame and 2 year Guarantee on upholstery. T&C’s apply.


Front Seat Upholstery:

  • VW T5/T6 Driver’s seat with armrests and Passenger double seat (Upholstery only).
  • Re-upholstered to match Rock n Roll Bed.
  • Exchanged with existing seats on a Like For Like basis.

We use a set of age relevant seats to re-upholster from our large range of exchanged stock seats. We carry stock of T5 mk1, mk2 & mk3 seats and T6 mk3 seats. Once re-upholstered, these seats are exchanged with your existing seats.

If you have a newly registered van and want to have your existing seats re-upholstered, we can arrange this with you. 

  • Existing front seats must be the same combination as the re-upholstered seats to be exchanged.
  • Existing front seats must be in good serviceable condition to be exchanged.

We reserve the right to reject any exchange seats which we deem to be unserviceable. Extra costs may be incurred for any of the following:

  • Collapsed/damaged foam or holes in foam (usually driver’s seat).
  • Broken seat belt or broken/missing seat belt plastic casing.
  • Broken or missing seat plastics.
  • Non matching or non-original headrests.
  • Rusty or damaged metal, including holes on Passenger double seat  metal base.

Extra costs will be agreed before fitting, if applicable.

Lifetime Guarantee on the bed frame and 2 Year Guarantee on the upholstery




Additional information

Vinyl THF A CD Bed & Seats

Stock No. 100A CD, Stock No. 101A CD, Stock No. 102A CD, Stock No. 103A CD, Stock No. 104A CD, Stock No. 105A CD, Stock No. 106A CD, Stock No. 124A CD, Stock No. 125A CD


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